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The church in Hardin is focused on PARTNERING WITH PARENTS in the spiritual education of their children.


The Hardin “Young’uns”


There are men and women here at Hardin committed to teaching and mentoring young people. We do not wish to take over the responsibility of raising your kids, as that responsibility was given to you by God, but we would love to offer assistance and help any way we can.

Bible School Classes
The Bible School program was organized to provide an effective study environment and promote teacher/pupil interaction. These classrooms provide the students with the opportunity to ask any and all questions, reach their full potential in Bible education, and develop a bond with other kids their age. The great thing about our Bible School program is that all classes are covering the same topic/book at the same time. This is good news for the parents, because many of the questions our children may ask will be covered in class or can be brought up in class by a parent who is struggling with answering their child’s question.

Bible Bowl
Each year our youth participate in an area wide event called “Bible Bowl.” Youth from multiple congregations each study a specific book of the Bible and then come together on an appointed date to see who knows the most about the material covered in the book. This event challenges our youth to push themselves in growing in knowledge of God’s word.

Monthly Devotionals
Each month the youth get together at either a member’s house or a specified location for a night of food, fun, and faith!

“Hashtag” is an online youth devotional put on by the churches of Christ. It uses the “#” symbol that is associated with “Twitter”  and each devotional has a “#” (hashtag) theme.  This is a great work for our middle school and high school youth and relates to their social lives.  Each video lesson is shown at the building and is usually followed by food and fun. Another great opportunity for our youth to learn and experience fellowship with people their age.

Family Cookout & Hayride
Each fall we get together to enjoy roasting hot dogs and marshmallows around a large bonfire and to set out on an adventurous hayride.

Vacation Bible School
Each year, the local youth look forward to our VBS program that provides lots of Bible Study, Crafts, and fun events. Look for this event to occur each summer and come “boost our Bible School”!

Outdoor Activities
These activities can range from riding bikes, playing at a park or church building, going fishing/hunting, or even camping. This gives the youth an opportunity to experience God’s word and His beautiful creation.

If we can assist you in any way or if you have more questions about our youth, then please contact us and let us know. May God bless our little children and their parents!