Prayer list


In the Lord always!

Rededication of Ronnie Owen

Safe return of Noah Steele and group who traveled to Belize for mission work.

Cynthia Newport – no heart blockages.

Upcoming procedures/Events:

Tristan Stacks – heart testing.

Joe Wilson – tests for cancer at Vanderbilt 8-23-15


Rodney Bohannon (Sharon Brewer’s son in law) – heart issues.

Barry Anderson – stress test.

Jack Wilson – 3 year old having recovering from heart surgery.

Micky Warhead- wreck, in rehab in Lourdes.

Piper Wyatt – broke leg and in full cast.

Leon Lovett – poor health.

Joey Lawson – home therapy.

Courtney Coomer – testing.

Tonie Dumas (Sue Dumas’ daughter) – prayers requested

Kenneth & Diane Dean – moved to Lakeway.

Sharon Brewer – home recovering from surgery.



Ann Morrow family.