Prayer list


In the Lord always!

Vickie Smith – received good report from doctor.

Ron Owens was able to get out and come to worship today 4-20-14.

Upcoming procedures/Events:



Ronnie Owens – still recovering from stroke.

Joe Nimmo – still homebound having lots of difficulties.

Charles Bennett – many health difficulties.

Jill Henson – (Bob Henson’s daughter-in-law) Lourdes hospital with substantial arteries blocked.

Joey Lawson – sick at home with a bite.

Mary Mitchell – (Emma’s cousin) Critical Care in Murray.

John and his daughter Geanna Voegele – requesting prayers.

Dub Thorn – still recovering from stroke.

Dig Hutchins – home

Johhny Beard – home and not doing well.

David Lee – (Friendship Church) has cancer.

Roger Oliver – lymphonia.

Josh Reynolds – serving overseas deployment.


Beauton Osborn – Trice’s great-grandmother.