Prayer List


In the Lord always!

Recent baptisms of Eutonia and Kenneth Frizzell

Upcoming procedures/Events:

Margaret Taylor – surgery this month.



Sally Lyden – returned home from hospital.

Pauline Siress – Stilley House.

Paxton Mason – requesting prayers.

Eutonia Frizzel – tumor on brain stem.

Barry Anderson – recovering from surgery, 3 month restriction.

Kelsey Collie – breast cancer.

Gary Seaford – infection and in Nashville hospital.

Elaine Conner –  cancer.

Wilma Green – requesting prayers.

Gail Fletcher ( Linda Owen’s sister) – numerous health issues.

Karen Dale – poor health and requesting prayers.

Greg Black – health problems.

Deb Steele – health issues.

Evelyn Jordan – requesting prayers, wanting to be better example in attendance.



Dawn Edwards family.

Wiles Family

Martin Family